ONLY two of our products are offered with the option of engraving. Only Salisbury Pewter and our "ENGRAVABLE GLASSWARE" are offered with the option of engraving.

FOR ALL OTHER ITEMS, please see your local engraver at a Trophy Shop or Jeweler.

For information on engraving the ENGRAVABLE GLASSWARE product, go to that page on this Internet Store.

For SALISBURY products, we offer these choices:

COSTS: The minimum engraving charge for the Salisbury products is $15. A single name or initials is covered by the minimum charge. Additional words or dates would be an additional $5 each. An exact quote can be requested by email.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: You may type in your engraving instructions on your order in the space for Comments.

Engraved items cannot be returned.

  Do you prefer to order by phone?  Call 1-386-212-2140 (FROM INSIDE THE USA ONLY - PLEASE EMAIL US FROM OUTSIDE THE USA)
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